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  • Please make sure that the GSL library is installed. You will find them in most Linux distributions' repositories. There is also a port for Windows [1] and an installer for Mac OS X [2].


  • From R, run install.packages("libamtrack").

Linux, binary distributions

  • For local installation without root privileges (e.g. as user parryhotter in a folder /home/parryhotter/R):
    • Make sure that the destination folder /home/parryhotter/R exists. If not please create it.
    • In the console (not within R), run from the folder you downloaded the package into: R CMD INSTALL ./libamtrack.tar.gz -l /home/parryhotter/R
    • To use libamtrack then in an R session type library(libamtrack, lib.loc="/home/parryhotter/R")
    • To uninstall the package again run (in the console again): R CMD REMOVE libamtrack -l /home/parryhotter/R

  • For installation using root privileges:
    • From the folder you downloaded the package into, run (in the console) sudo R CMD INSTALL ./libamtrack.tar.gz
    • This will install libamtrack into a system folder so any user can deploy it using library(libamtrack) during an R session.
    • To uninstall the package again run (in the console) R CMD REMOVE libamtrack

Windows, binary distributions

  • Start R (i.e. the R GUI). In the menu bar you will find “Packages” and “Install packages from local zip-file”. Navigate to the directory you downloaded the file to and select it.
  • After successful installation, use library(libamtrack) to start working.

After installation

  • You can use auto-completion for functions in R: typing “AT.” and pressing “tab” twice will give you a list of available functions.
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