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  • libamtrack is designed for research in proton and ion dosimetry and radiotherapy.

Additional features

  • libamtrack also provides many auxiliary physics routines for the work with proton and ion beams.
  • A reference database (bibtex format) of publications related to detector response or cell survival in ion beams is located under /docs/references (see Documentation and Support).
  • With libamtrack there comes a number of tools that can also be applied in different fields:
    • A suite of scripts that help to automatically create bindings to a shared library (/tools/automatic_wrapper_generator)
    • AmTrackService, a webservice that can provide functionalities of a shared library over the web (/tools/webgui)

Technical stuff

  • libamtrack is designed as a shared program library.
  • It is written in ANSI C (GNU99 standard) to work both under POSIX systems (Linux, Mac OS X) as well as Windows.
  • It uses GNU autotools for compilation.
  • Its sources are hosted on sourceforge.net using svn version control.

Publications describing libamtrack

  • Greilich et al. (2010), Amorphous track models: a numerical comparison study, Radiation Measurements 45, 1406-1409 (doi: 10.1016/j.radmeas.2010.05.039).
  • Grzanka et al. (2011), The application of amorphous track models to study cell survival, Radiation Protection Dosimetry 143(2-4), 232-236 (doi: 10.1093/rpd/ncq516).


  • libamtrack is free, open-source software under the GNU GPL 3 licence or higher.
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