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If you are new to libamtrack or looking for an easy access to the most important functions, the web interface is probably best for you. Please note that this still in test phase.

The easiest way to access (almost all of) libamtrack's functionality is to use the R environment together with the libamtrack package. As its latest version is hosted on CRAN, you just have to type "install.packages('libamtrack')" from within R to get it. Some users might also prefer an advanced IDE to R such as R studio.



Please note that compilation of libamtrack requires GSL, the GNU Scientific Library. GSL is included in most GNU/Linux distributions (you maybe have to install it via your package management system or similar). Binary installer exist for Mac OS X and Windows. Of course, you can also compile GSL from sources yourself, also for Window using MSYS/MinGW or cygwin (where a precompiled package exists).


  • Data sets to be used with libamtrack are provided in a separate download here.

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