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2015/09/18: The service for online computing is available again after being down for quite a while.
2015/09/04: The repository for the libamtrack source has been moved from sourceforge to github.
2015/06/26: New release (0.6.2). Added / fixed models for energy loss fluctuation.
2014/07/08: New release (0.5.5). Tabulated RDDs possible, energy loss distributions added.
2013/01/21: New release (0.5.4). Again to comply with the latest requirements for the R package version of libamtrack (good practice in .onLoad and .onAttach)
libamtrack (avoiding array over-run.)
2012/04/27: New release (0.5.3). This was not due to any major evolution of the code but rather to comply with the latest requirements for the R package version of libamtrack (avoiding array over-run.)
2011/12/21: A new release (0.5.2) is available. One of the main new features is the ability to handle transport data, please see ChangeLog.
2011/12/21: The web interface was unfortunately down for a day due to a server failure.
2011/09/24: A first data set for particle fluence spectra has been uploaded. These are preliminary data (v0.0.0) and for the moment only intended to debug workflow which currently in development for release 0.5.2. See download section.
2011/08/11: Release 0.5.1 is available - the main changes are the availability of multiple sources for stopping power data and better portability of the R package.
2011/08/05: libamtrack is now a contributed package on the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN).
2011/07/01: The web-interface has been improved. More documentation and additional functions have been implemented.
2011/05/26: Release 0.5.0 is available - however, this is not a full release but rather a (quite) stable snapshot to fall-back on before the currently undertaken major rework to implement multiple sources for stopping power data into libamtrack.
2011/05/13: The web-interface was unfortunately down for the last two days due to maintenance but works now again - with more functions available.

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